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Appellate Postconviction Referral Form

Be sure to follow the Postconviction Relief Procedure.

Postconviction Referral Form
Appellate Procedure - Contractors

Appellate procedure for contract attorneys.

Appellate Procedure - OPD Attorneys

Appellate procedure for OPD Attorneys.

Appellate Referral Form

Be sure to follow the Appellate Procedure  (Contract Attorney | OPD Attorney) and submit to the Appellate Defender Office.

Appellate Referral Form
Authorization for Disclosure of Information

Authorizes OPD to obtain client’s HIPAA protected records.

Brief Bank

Contract Attorneys must have an active MOU to join the brief bank.

ClickSend Instructions

The ClickSend App guide for signing in and using the platform.

ClickSend Instructions.pdf
Closed Case Summary

All attorneys must complete this entire form for each case they are closing. Use the pre-populated form when available.

Closed Case Summary - Civil

Use this form when closing civil cases. Use the pre-populated form when available.

Contractor Compensation Schedule

Contractor Compenstion Schedule

Contractor Compensation Schedule.pdf
eScribers Instructions

eScribers Instructions

eScribers Audio Transcription Services Request Instructions.pdf
Investigative Request

Requesting Attorney will submit to the Regional Deputy Public Defender or Conflict Office.

Mental Health Protocol

OPD protocol governing referral and examination.

Notice of Substitution of Counsel Form

Notice of Substitution of Counsel Form.

Pre-Approval and Supplemental Requests for Client Costs

OPD policy requires pre-approval of all client costs expected to exceed $200 per task in all cases. All Pre-Approvals and Supplementals must be submitted through the OPD Portal.
Substitution of Judge Fee Payment Request Form

Substitution of Judge Fee Payment Request Form.

Sub Judge Fee Request Form.pdf
Witness Fees

OPD policy on witness fees.

  • Email - Access your state email from anywhere. You must preface your username with state\ to login.
  • MINE/SABHRS Access - Access the OPD Intranet and SABHRS time entry. Only accessible while in the office.
  • JustWare - Click this link to install/launch JustWare. Only accessible while in the office.
  • JustWare Mobile - you must preface your username with state\ to login.
  • Citrix - use to access the MINE internal website and JustWare. You must install the Citrix client (download) to use.
  • Online Pre-Approvals - use to request pre-approvals for client services
  • CRM Internal Access - use to approve or deny requests from inside the State Network
  • CRM External Access - use to approve or deny requests from outside the State Network
  • Microsoft Online - use to access your OneDrive files from any computer. You can also install Microsoft Office from this site on your personal computer (each employee is allowed 5 installations of office, including your work PC). Note: when logging in, leave the default '' on the sign in page. DO NOT choose ePass.
  • External SABHRS Access - use to enter your time and make changes to benefits and payroll options.
  • RSA Self Service - if you forgot or temporarily misplaced your RSA token, you can request a temporary code at this site. Once logged in, click the 'troubleshoot' link and choose the 'Token is temporarily unavailable or misplaced' option.
  • Secure File Transfer Service - use to securely send sensitive or large files to anyone (state employee or non-employee).
  • Lexis Advance - you must be setup with an account by your IT person.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Public Notice
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Action Plan
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